Recently, our house was painted and we added new wood shutters and a front door. We looked around for faux wood and real wood garage doors to match the shutters and front door. The prices quoted to us were from 10K to 20K. Our garage door worked fine and we did not want to incur this cost. I contacted Leslie, at Absolutely Faux, to ask about the possibility of painting the door to look faux wood. The BEST phone call I could have made! They were professional, friendly, prompt, and not to mention phenomenal at what they do. The door is absolutely beautiful and has people stopping and asking where the wood door came from. They are shocked to find out it is faux because the artistic expertise in creating the wood look is incredible. They were able to match what I wanted and gave me a beautiful door to finish the house.

Thank You, Absolutely Faux, for adding more to my house than just curb appeal. It’s a work of art!

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