Faux texture painting is a form of decorative painting that mimics the look and feel of various materials such as wood, marble, or stone. The word “faux” literally translates from the French word for false or fake. Today, these techniques are an inexpensive way to replicate a wide range of looks and finishes for use on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and more within your own home.

Faux Texture Painting Has a Longer History Than You Think

It might surprise you, but faux texture painting has technically been around since pre-history and the days of the caveman – back when man first applied layers of paint containing a range of pigments and binding agents on cave walls. Since then, artisans and craftsmen have labored to duplicate and copy nature. Master faux painters throughout antiquity and into the renaissance have since created numerous paintings and works that have a trompe l’oeil like effect. Trompe l’oeil is yet another French term that translates literally as “fool the eye.” Today, any piece of work (artistic or otherwise) that replicates nature or natural textures is technically considered faux texture painting.

The Latest Revival of Faux Texture Painting

During the early 20th Century, faux texture painting experienced a revival – one that lasted through the “Roaring 20s.” This form of decoration rose to popularity again at the end of the 20th Century as other forms of wall covering like wall paper began to decline in popularity. This led to a massive surge in the use of faux texture painting in expensive homes, with owners seeking “new” ways to give their homes a classical or antique look.

Today, the list of faux texture painting finishes is virtually endless as more artists discover or rediscover new techniques and materials to replicate textures. Among the most popular forms of faux texture painting in use today involve the process of glazing. Glazing is an artistic technique by which the artist applies subtle layers of thin paint to add depth and texture to a surface. Today, this process almost exclusively involves the use of acrylic or water-based paints, but the process itself dates back to antiquity and the ancient Greeks.

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