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It all started with Stephanie’s mother-in-law who designs beautiful interiors for people in Northern Nevada and has a love for faux paintings. She suggested to Leslie and Stephanie that they start creating their own faux finishes because of their talent for painting. The girls headed off to Omaha, Nebraska where they enrolled in a faux finish school. They finished their training in one week and left with their portfolio.

Once the two returned home, they started their first faux painting project for the Double Diamond Athletic Club which won them first place in a National Faux Finish competition. With a first place win under their belts, they decided to turn their talent into a business. The girls went back to school in Nebraska where they learned additional finishes.

Leslie and Stephanie have become proficient in their faux paintings and have started building life-long relationships with their clients. For these two, there is nothing more rewarding than creating a new look.

Absolutely Faux is a close family of faux finish painting and custom decorative painters and craftsmen.  Leslie and Stephanie are visibly dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of quality and hard work. They bring an artistic excitement that creates a sensational environment for your home or workplace.

Their initial training is from the leading  faux finish painting institute in the United States. Leslie and Stephanie’s artistic flair has been enhanced by instruction from world-renowned master faux painters. The Absolutely Faux team presses to remain at the cutting-edge. We are always learning of the exciting new developments in faux design and materials.

Faux Finish Painting Awards

Absolutely Faux is proud to have received various awards in recognition of their faux finish painting work across Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe areas. Take a peek at a few of the examples of faux finishes we recently completed on our Blog. Then, please give us a call to discuss how your home or place of business might be uniquely transformed. We thank you for considering our services.

Be sure to check out our online projects on Houzz.com

Faux Finish Painting Services Include:

• Dependable faux finish painting service. We show up, we stay, and we finish.
• Cutting-edge faux and decorative finishes that are each custom designed for your home or commercial application. You are investing into the beauty and value of your property.
• We coordinate your new construction or remodel project with professional designers and contractors. We hire only reputable craftsmen that you can trust in your home.
• We give you a clear and thorough written estimate.
• We use only top quality decorative faux finish materials that are durable and washable. These are water-based and environmentally safe painting products.
• We cover and protect all areas we do faux finish painting work in.