One of my favorite parts about Faux Painting is getting to work on interesting and unique projects. At Absolutely Faux, we specialize in creating custom artistic expressions for bedroom walls, fireplaces, back splashes and more.

With faux painting, no two projects are the same. It creates a way to replicate materials such as marble and wood with paint. Today, I wanted to share with you a fun project that we did at Circus Circus in Reno. This involved painting the stage to help add color bring it to life during their renovation.

Circus Circus Stage: Before

Before starting the project, the Circus Circus stage went through a renovation. This gave us a blank slate to start with, and is one of the best parts of the creative process because it lets you imagine the finished product.

Circus Circus Stage: After

The stage looked magical upon completion. The rainbow cloth really stood out against the purple walls, making the circus theme very prominent, allowing it to take center-stage

Faux Painting: Diamond Patterns

The walls were 17 feet high, and we painted a diamond pattern on them. We used modern masters metallic paint, with silver glitter and metallic pearl plaster. The techniques we used for this were lazor layout. This included a tap in knock down hand application with venetian trowel.

The Finished Product: It’s all in the Details

Overall, my favorite part of the project was adding glitter to give the stage a little glamor. Finishing touches like this can really bring it to life, and make the project feel even more magical. There’s no doubt that Faux painting techniques really brought out the “circus theme” for this stage.

Let us know if you have any questions about faux painting. Our staff would love to help with your next project. We can do everything from commercial to residential projects, to add the perfect decorative finish to your interior.

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