What is the theme of your home? Maybe you are a lover of French impression. Or perhaps an Italian motif better suits your taste. You could be looking for an ultra-modern vibe or seeking out that perfect, fun, design for a kid’s room. No matter what design suits your taste best, faux painting (also known as faux finishing) may just be the answer.

There are many styles of faux painting. Glaze is common. Although it looks very textured, glaze is smooth to the touch. Paint and glaze are combined and applied with a rag (you may have heard of rag rolling), brush, roller, or sponge. Using plaster is another way to get a rich finish with faux painting. It can be finished off smooth or textured to the touch. Tinted plaster is applied to a surface, which can be a wall or even the exterior of a home, with a spatula or trowel.

What’s great about faux painting with glaze is you can apply it to anything, not just walls! Glaze your walls, dresser, cabinets, anything you want to make pop. Faux painting can create a stunning marble or stone look, an attractive wood grain, or even a cork-like appearance faster than you can say “I have the coolest wine cellar ever.” In fact, when you do faux painting with glaze, you can apply any type of texture you want. The sky, and your imagination, is the limit. Using both techniques, plaster and glaze, in tandem, can create a unique look which bridges your exterior and interior for a single, well-themed, home décor.

What is your biggest interior and exterior vision? Dream it up and you may just be able to make it a reality with faux painting.

Here are some themed ideas for room décor:

Dining room: A dining room in a southwest themed house will be even more inviting with an adobe glaze on the walls. Accent with art from the old southwest and you will have many meals to remember thanks to this theme created with faux painting.

Nursery: A sweet pink linen glaze, or blue for a boy, will create a cozy feeling in any nursery with faux painting. The fabric texture will create a feeling of calmness in your baby’s first room.

Bedroom: Drift off to sleep with walls graced by glaze or plaster faux painting created to mimic clouds. Finish it off with a dreamy saying like “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Exterior: Plaster the exterior of your home on window sills and along gutters to create a unique look. Create a complimentary look with faux painting to stucco or wood. You could change your home into an Italian villa with just a few applications.

Happy decorating!

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