Love Your Home Again with Feature Walls

You spend most of your day outside of the home – running errands, at work, and doing a million other tasks. When you finally arrive home for the day, you want it to be a place you love. Your home should feel like you, and an accent wall is one of the best ways to make this happen.

Accent walls are a simple way to add movement, personality, and a reflection of your own style to any room. They can be used in bedrooms to add warmth and tranquility, in bathrooms to add some cheer, or whatever rooms feel a little lacking in your home.

Finding Inspiration

When choosing wall colors in your house, most people will lean towards a neutral color in an attempt to not overwhelm a room. But while this neutral wall color helps to create a cohesive look, you lose the individuality and drama that can be found in other wall colors and designs!

With thousands of accent wall ideas looming online, it can be hard to choose your favorite inspiration. You’ll find images of different materials like wood, stone, patterned paint, and solid paint. As you browse the many options, think about what colors appeal to you and what style you want reflected.

Selecting a Wall Color or Finish

Choosing from these options can be difficult, but with a sense of your home’s ideal feel and a sense of the space, you’ll be able to find the perfect accent wall idea to make a statement. If you like the look of a textured accent wall but the simplicity of painting, you can use faux painting techniques to recreate the materials you love. Mimicking the look of these textures well can be difficult, but faux painting companies can help to take your vision from start to finish.

Getting Rolling in your Accent Wall Design

If you’re ready to add some spice to your rooms and make your home your happy place, follow the steps below to create a beautiful feature wall:

1. Select the wall you’d like to feature. Keep in mind that you typically want the wall to be the focal point of the room and often the first wall you see when entering the room.
2. Observe the size of the room and how much light it gets as you begin perusing wall colors and patterns.
3. Determine the look you want on your accent wall, whether it is a solid color, a pattern, wood, metallic paint, or other faux painting techniques.
4. Choose a color or shade that complements the walls, furniture, and flooring surrounding the wall – but one that also stands out! If you’re nervous about choosing a color, this is a great time to hire a faux painting company or call on your best creative friend for a second opinion.
5. Contact your chosen company or dig out your paint roller and start painting. If you’re still feeling apprehensive about your chosen color, start by painting a small sample and observe it throughout the day before making a final decision.
6. Most importantly – relish in your new space and love your home again.

If you’ve created an accent wall in your home, we’d love to see the results! Post your pictures on our social media pages. These accent walls will take your house from just the space you live to the space you love.

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