Custom Painted Logo at Waddell & Reed Suite
Decorative Paint in Aces Executive Suite

See below for some pictures of the work Absolutely Faux and Do Well Signs did for Waddell & Reed. Waddell & Reed have the executive suite behind home plate at the Aces ball field this year and wanted to add something special and unique to show off to their clients. Absolutely Faux was happy to step in, even with the very short turn around time they needed, they succeeded.

In addition to the unique design and the intricate detail in the logo, Absolutely Faux was able to provide this nice decorative piece before opening day! Waddell & Reed was able to come to the season opener with a clean freshly painted custom logo on their wall, a perfect advertising piece for them to show off to their clients.

If your business would be interested in a similar custom decorative piece give Absolutely Faux a call today!

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